{Imagination Land} :Part one: “Pirates swimming with mermaids in a land of fairies”

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Getting Ready to Board the Ship

We wondered through the bushes, we found a loading dock, filled with giant ships, with huge masts and black flags. The buzzing voices, the black and red bandannas the large trunks and singing parrots created a place unlike any other we’ve ever seen. Where have we arrived? Where have we wondered? We felt a little brave an decided to get a little closer, we found a large group if very colorful boys. “A perfect day to find them!” One said to the other. “A day made to sail the open sea in search for the magic treasure!” Another responded. They lined up and headed down the dock, a perfect day to follow!

We got closer now, and ahead we saw, we saw it now. A ship, a ship unlike another, big sails and a big flag. We couldn’t make it the flag at first it was a black flag…”Pirates.”

“We must take sail, onto the open sea, all hands on deck, pull up the ropes…” One pirate shouted orders and the rest ran and climbed and prepared the ship.

We sailed for days and nights, we watched as the worked aboard…”Land ho!” We heard one shout… “Land ho!” The next repeated… “Land ho!!!!!” We all shouted! Ssshhh keep quiet they can’t see us…

We arrived to an island, quiet and quaint. As the ship approached shore we jumped off and wanted so badly to explore…

“This us the place, we will find them here…” One shouted to the crew, as they prepared to disembark the ship.

We began to walk among the palm trees now, as the pirates disembarked the ship. We pushed through vines and nature. Something was drawing us further and further away from the ship. We suddenly heard whispers. We kept walking deeper and deeper into the vast jungle and we found a clearing. This place was glistening, almost magical, most definitely memorizing…”the pirates are coming!” Buzzed by our ear. ” the pirates are approaching!” Buzzed by our other ear. “The pirates are near!”



They are near

They are near

Ahead in the distance there sat a figure.
She was no doubt a fairy, if such a thing was to be, she was there patiently. And the buzzing was many others in flight exited and frightened of the pirates who had arrived.

“What are their wants, what are their needs?” “What should we prepare? Should we be scared?” The voices all asked questions as the fluttered past us unknowing of what to do. She just sat there, playing with her wooden plates and her amazing jewels. She looked hopeful and peaceful as the buzzing continued.


We heard footsteps, around the bend, the Pirates are here!

They entered the clearing and were speechless at the sites. A moment went by and no one moved.

The Littlest one!

The Littlest one!



The littlest pirate looked upon the fairies and gasped. All in a breath he said “Me thinks she knows we have arrived, me thinks she knows what we want!” Swords drawn, and in quick paced, the pirates moved closer to the fairy and said ” We are looking for the magic skull, we mean you no harm…” She did not say a word, but looked up to the trees. There, up there, something bright shined. ” To the treasure me mattes!!!!” All the pirates screamed and began to climb.

They Swung their ropes up high, they put their swords around their belts and the rest followed up, up, up that magnificent tree. They arrived at the top and all the little fairies backed away from the magic skull treasure and the pirates approached ever so cautious ever so slow.

The Magic Skull Treasure

The Magic Skull Treasure



The littlest pirate went first, he lowly approached it, he slowly reached his hand out and touched it. The treasure began to float, and landed right in his arms…”HooooRRRAAAAAhhhhhh!!!!!” The pirates screamed, and as quickly as they made it up the tree, down they were again.

The littlest pirate made it down first, he handed the magic skull to the next little pirate and approached the quiet fairy on the stone. “Thank you for your welcome, sorry for the mess, we are Pirates of the East, North, South, and West. We will return soon to thank you, but for now we must go…..AARRRRRGGGG!!!!” “Arrgh!!!” All the pirates ran off.

They climbed their ship, and so should we, and bid adieu to all the magic in the island.


At Peace for now

At Peace for now



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