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I AM I Designs and Photography was founded years ago in my first art class, the first time I put a pen to paper, a brush to canvas, my eye behind the view finder of a film loaded Cannon AL-1, in the 1990’s ( my parent’s willing).
I knew that self-expression in every artistic form was what I needed to have in my life. I am an artist and I thrive on imagination and the possibilities of creating beautiful work in almost every media. I AM I Designs and Photography thrives on imagination, yours, his, hers, everyone’s imagination. I love to capture a moment in time, that you can treasure forever, and with your help turn a moment into a true work of art. I believe that anything is possible and every moment that we capture is a beautiful and magical time. I want to know your passions, your most magical moments, your visions, I am passionate in what I do and what I do for I AM I Designs and Photography is for you!!!!
The Freedom of Imagination!
I am, I AM I Designs.

I love artistic expression based on imagination in every form and in every medium. I believe in everyone's Imagination therefore I and with the help of a few other have created I AM I designs a company driven to represent each individual, we specialize in photography, photo editing, and logo design. We are a company that thrives on imagination, your imagination, his imagination, our imagination...

Life is a journey filled with imagination...

Our photography is bright and colorful. We are here to create a true artistic photography experience. We specialize in portraits single and family, action shots, indoor and outdoor pictures, artful photography and photo editing. Our artful photography is by far our favorite, we can add details to the pictures we take for you or pictures that you have been in your family for years.

We love to write little stories about some of the photographic journeys we have taken, and we love our package {Imagination Land} (great for children, we take their favorite books and make them into photographic reality):

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Thank you for taking the time to stop and take a look at what we can do for you.
Raquel M Britt
Designer, photographer, artist, imaginer, founder