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No matter what anyone does just play with your piano, just because.

Because, you can, you are free to, because you want to, because you need to.

Play along to the sounds you hear.

Make your own, come sit, right here.

Place your fingers upon the keys.

Go on, just because, be free, play at your own pace.

Today is a gift, tomorrow is unknown, but right now, create, have faith, be free.

Play with your piano love, no matter what they say, have faith that life works in mysterious ways.

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this was 2013…in a nutshell https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/12/this-was-2013-in-a-nutshell Click to view slideshow.

This is my year, in a nutshell.

It brings me to joyful tears to know, what a great adventure I was lucky to embark on.

Thank you to everyone who thought of us, we love imagining and creating memories with all of you.

I learned a lot this year, and I hope in the days to come, everything, for everyone shines a little brighter and is a little happier.

I am going to learn more, and experiment more and take bigger leaps.

I know I have to, when you create the only way to grow is to jump a little higher each time.  I will believe more in what I can accomplish and have faith that with little patience, perseverance and of course a whole lot of imagination anything is possible.

My most favorite thing I learned in my life, is that easy does it!!!  Really, I did and it really does…now to apply it…

In my forever endless Photography adventure, I have fallen in love with manipulating light…its so much fun…=)..wait and see…=)

A big warm hug, and a very Happy New Year!!

We are here lets imagine something together…maybe a better tomorrow!!!!

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The thing might be… https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/12/The-thing-might-be That I love being lost in a picture…the kind of picture that makes you wonder. Where is this place? How was it light? What was the f stop? How was that shadow made? Pictures that make your brain think and calculate the how’s…some of the photos I’ve seen lately, in my limited time and media. Are amazing! I know I have a lot left to learn, there is so much to know, on a photo, on an exposure! I am so exited to learn more.

It’s not the camera that your holding , it’s the photographer holdin it! ( yes?!? )

In this journey, in my current life, I have two arms always full. Little love-monster one to the left and little love-monster two to the right! They come with things! My Canon DSLR baby is far away most of the time. I’ve been studying, in a sense, light, it’s effects on shadows and highlights. I’ve been watching carefully how I can manipulate shots, from a very small, low detail, exposure lens…an iPhone. I’ve paid attention before in larger scale it as easier and not as painstaking as it is now.

….I’ve posted them on Instagram….my most favorite is | nature’s patterns |.

This one is my little love-monster …


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And another one! https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/12/And-another-one Can you believe it?

Another year, swish, did you hear that, I hope you did.

What did you hear this year, what have you seen?
What have you learned?

I am putting together a compilation of what I’ve seen, what I’ve captured.

how I love memories!

The memories we hold near and dear, no matter bad or good, we are looking at ourselves and who we were, and who we’ve grown to be.

In art as in life we make mistakes, rash decisions, un rational changes, too big of a step, we fall off…and we get back on!

My year has been filled, with amazing un-replaceable scary loving moments.

And even if it may feel like another day, it will be the beginning of our new chapter and we need to make it the best one. Caring, celebrating, living, breathing, and being peaceful! Another year where we can think outside the box and be creative! Anything is possible with a little imagination!!!!

Peace. Health. Love. Magic.

May it Fill your holiday season. ( to the next)




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{Spanish Traditions} of a Small Town https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/12/-Spanish-Traditions-of-a-Small-Town 20131201-183513.jpg














I remember it as a child as a magical time a year, one week in Castells de Castells, Spain, was filled with imagination, laughter, music, costumes, and lots of face painting. August is a time to celebrate in la costa del sol. Families come together for our “Fiestas” it’s an amazing time. Food, family, dancing, fun.

It keeps getting more magical, all walks of life gather, now, new generations take pride in old traditions, and new cultures mix in to a melting pot of imagination!

I saw my children do what I did once, I walked beside them and watched. We danced, marched and played dress up together!

It was an amazing time and I am truly blessed to have the chance to see this again!

There are more I’m slowly editing…these are my favorites of a great time spent in small town, truly filled with love, heart and imagination!!!

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“The Dragon Mask” https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/11/-The-Dragon-Mask 20131104-103003.jpg

In a world of unknown outcomes and wondering minds we find ourselves faced with daily challenges.

But the imagination and patience of a child can lead us to seeing a little clearer.

Our oldest love monster has presented us with a little of a challenge. It has forced is to take smaller, shorter steps in life and help him take deeper breaths. This is from his little imagination which is larger than any of ours….

“The Dragon Mask”

A knight no older than four decided to wonder in the darkness, outdoors

He climbed upon his trusty stead

Galloped far, dark, darker, darkness indeed

He entered a wood so smoky and gloomy

He began to cough and shiver and shake

“I must be brave, for being scared is unsafe.”

The darkness roared and his cough increased

“I am a knight and brave and bright, whoever you are…roar your big roars for I’m not afraid of what’s in store…”

He encountered the Dragon.

Roar he roared

The brave knight approached

Roar he roared and out came the smoke

The knight, he coughed once more, and then, no more

Everyday ever since they meet they chat and blow smoke clouds together…but, maybe, not forever!

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Looking, just, a little, closer https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/10/Looking-just-a-little-closer We are all part of a much larger picture
We can look at our feet all we need to
But. We are all part of something much bigger
We can chase our own tails as much as we want to
But. We are all definitely part of something much larger
Please look up soon and see it
We ARE all here together
No matter the whether ….you see it ….

Maybe it’s where I go to work everyday, maybe my kids, my art, my friends, maybe it’s me. But,I find myself at times questioning, if my reaction to this moment was different what would have happened? Would the outcome have changed? If anyone’s reactions, to all events, were different, would the outcomes be, different?

We are so egocentric at times, I think, that we are stuck in our own moment and we have at times un-calculated irrational reactions. Again, I think, that maybe if we took more little moments to think of our surroundings, of others, of the bigger picture. Well, things, outcomes, our surroundings, would be, different.

We learn as we get older, as people, as parents, as artists, as humans. I think if we open ourselves to our surroundings based on “the bigger” picture, we could see that, we are all in this at the same time together in our own way. Not expecting a “Utopia” but a more peaceful place….

Crazy hectic days in an emergency room where emotions are high I try to be peace, and take nothing personal, and the energy, even just in a room, is peaceful. It’s my little job while I raise my little love monsters and I take my little business somewhere, getting by day by day. Nothing is personal and is personal in an emergency room, and you should always try to be the good guy.

This applies in life and I do try, everyday to apply understanding in my everyday. My artistic expression is based on individuals and how together we can accomplish some of the most beautiful things. Some times as simple as love. As, by reading this, it’s been an emotional few weeks…and we don’t always know how to be…

I do have to remember to say thank you more!!!

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{perspective} https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/10/-perspective I think that its a great and wonderful thing when one accidentally learns something new about one’s self. After a long, long weekend away working, I discovered that my favorite things about self expression is perspective, color and lighting. This is a small collecting from this weekend, I’m sure that there will be more in the future. Much better than these, because in anything hat we do over and over again we can’t help but learn and get just a little better, in our own ways, every time! This is mine and my iPhone 4S’ perspective.







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Trip back from Spain https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/8/Trip-back-from-Spain Today I learned that you cannot control your destiny by force. You can not manipulate it as you see fit you must accept it and bend with it as it comes before you. The universe spoke to me today and I did not know how to listen. It is hard to listen, we all think that we are programed with the answers, when in truth we learn them a we walk through life. I wondered why the whole trip to Spain I did not want to write. I wondered why I was not inspired with anything, enough, to sit and write. I got it today I got it now.

We went to Spain for a while. I escaped to my first home. I have not been in what seems like a thousand years, it was like a blurred dream, I thought I’d never visit my family again.

The great thing about life is that you can not see the future an you can not chance the past, and you can not force your will on what may come.
You must plan accordingly and go with the flow, expecting the best not fearing the worst. Take a deep breath and try to not overanalyze and manipulate a possible outcome, “go with the flow”, ” have faith.”

Some say ,that you can talk with the the universe and make a plan, once you make some plans accordingly, follow them like water follows the river. We must become the moment, embrace it and follow it.We must make sure that they are pure thoughts and that we look into he future, at every situation as positively as we can.

Flow as water flows in the river, with ease, letting yourself go with the flow, without complaints or worries, with faith and happy thoughts.

Flying back today with my two little love monsters I got over anxious and over analogical. And I am sad to say made stressed, unclear, shaky, over protective…decisions. Which caused chaos and unraveling for the first five hours of an almost eight hour plane ride back. Thank God for my parents and their magic. And thank you to the universe for letting me know, better, for reiterating by yelling a little louder. “Easy, easy, breath, easy does it now!” I expected chaos I got utter chaos.

This was an amazing trip to my homeland. I see clearer now. right at the end, when I needed it the most. I have to have the patience to learn more and be more like the water, go, each day, with the river’s flow.

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{Imagination Land} :Part one: “Pirates swimming with mermaids in a land of fairies” https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/7/-Imagination-Land-Part-one-Pirates-swimming-with-mermaids-in-a-land-of-fairies By I AM I Designs. All Rights reserved

Getting Ready to Board the Ship

We wondered through the bushes, we found a loading dock, filled with giant ships, with huge masts and black flags. The buzzing voices, the black and red bandannas the large trunks and singing parrots created a place unlike any other we’ve ever seen. Where have we arrived? Where have we wondered? We felt a little brave an decided to get a little closer, we found a large group if very colorful boys. “A perfect day to find them!” One said to the other. “A day made to sail the open sea in search for the magic treasure!” Another responded. They lined up and headed down the dock, a perfect day to follow!

We got closer now, and ahead we saw, we saw it now. A ship, a ship unlike another, big sails and a big flag. We couldn’t make it the flag at first it was a black flag…”Pirates.”

“We must take sail, onto the open sea, all hands on deck, pull up the ropes…” One pirate shouted orders and the rest ran and climbed and prepared the ship.

We sailed for days and nights, we watched as the worked aboard…”Land ho!” We heard one shout… “Land ho!” The next repeated… “Land ho!!!!!” We all shouted! Ssshhh keep quiet they can’t see us…

We arrived to an island, quiet and quaint. As the ship approached shore we jumped off and wanted so badly to explore…

“This us the place, we will find them here…” One shouted to the crew, as they prepared to disembark the ship.

We began to walk among the palm trees now, as the pirates disembarked the ship. We pushed through vines and nature. Something was drawing us further and further away from the ship. We suddenly heard whispers. We kept walking deeper and deeper into the vast jungle and we found a clearing. This place was glistening, almost magical, most definitely memorizing…”the pirates are coming!” Buzzed by our ear. ” the pirates are approaching!” Buzzed by our other ear. “The pirates are near!”



They are near

They are near

Ahead in the distance there sat a figure.
She was no doubt a fairy, if such a thing was to be, she was there patiently. And the buzzing was many others in flight exited and frightened of the pirates who had arrived.

“What are their wants, what are their needs?” “What should we prepare? Should we be scared?” The voices all asked questions as the fluttered past us unknowing of what to do. She just sat there, playing with her wooden plates and her amazing jewels. She looked hopeful and peaceful as the buzzing continued.


We heard footsteps, around the bend, the Pirates are here!

They entered the clearing and were speechless at the sites. A moment went by and no one moved.

The Littlest one!

The Littlest one!



The littlest pirate looked upon the fairies and gasped. All in a breath he said “Me thinks she knows we have arrived, me thinks she knows what we want!” Swords drawn, and in quick paced, the pirates moved closer to the fairy and said ” We are looking for the magic skull, we mean you no harm…” She did not say a word, but looked up to the trees. There, up there, something bright shined. ” To the treasure me mattes!!!!” All the pirates screamed and began to climb.

They Swung their ropes up high, they put their swords around their belts and the rest followed up, up, up that magnificent tree. They arrived at the top and all the little fairies backed away from the magic skull treasure and the pirates approached ever so cautious ever so slow.

The Magic Skull Treasure

The Magic Skull Treasure



The littlest pirate went first, he lowly approached it, he slowly reached his hand out and touched it. The treasure began to float, and landed right in his arms…”HooooRRRAAAAAhhhhhh!!!!!” The pirates screamed, and as quickly as they made it up the tree, down they were again.

The littlest pirate made it down first, he handed the magic skull to the next little pirate and approached the quiet fairy on the stone. “Thank you for your welcome, sorry for the mess, we are Pirates of the East, North, South, and West. We will return soon to thank you, but for now we must go…..AARRRRRGGGG!!!!” “Arrgh!!!” All the pirates ran off.

They climbed their ship, and so should we, and bid adieu to all the magic in the island.


At Peace for now

At Peace for now


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Finding The Polar Bear! https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/2/Finding-The-Polar-Bear A blizzard arrived in our backyard.

One unlike another.

White is all we see.

The hope to escape a “Cold Cold Winter” seems further from our reality now. Our little house can’t handle the weight.

The rain has arrived now, pushing the snow into ice, and forcing our fortress stress and discomfort.

Trying to find the positive in the ice and the leaks.

Trying to get the little monsters to keep calm in the storm and in the days ahead.

Days, according to the “Weather Gods”, that are going to be filled with more snow.

The sun came out the other day and we got outside, to play in the white, and to pretend we were Eskimos, trying to find the white polar bear buried somewhere in the three feet of snow.

We dug tunnels.

We made igloos.

We sunk our feet in the snow.

We found, our Polar Bear.

We made peace with the cold, and headed back inside.

Breath little ones, this too shall pass!

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

The Light

Red Little Monster

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

A Path I Found

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.


Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.


Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

The Bench

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.


Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Our Little Polar Bear

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.


Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

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The day we “Learned to Dance in The Rain.” https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/2/The-day-we-Learned-to-Dance-in-The-Rain Picture by I AM I Designs.  All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.



Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.



Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved.



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A cold cold winter! https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/1/A-cold-cold-winter It feels like the longest winter ever.
I have little energy to create.
A thing unlike me.
Unheard of!
The youngest little monsters keep getting sick.
It’s cold, snowy and windy.
We are trapped inside for a while.
We surround ourselves in music and have little dance parties and finger painting sessions.
My energy is spent taking care of the sick little monsters day in and night out. ;) .
And working, at the job that helps pay the bills.
It’s a discouraging winter.
It feels like a hopeless winter.
Everyone is sick.
Everyone feels the same; once The Spring is Sprung…

Until a few days a go, I read one if my favorite quotes:

“Life is not about waiting for he storm to pass is learning to dance in the rain.”

So I took my middle monster man, the monitor to the bean monster, my camera and his camera, and prepared to seize a very cold, snow covered day.

It gave me clarity. The ability to see the future… The sun still shines warm no matter what time of year it is.
With patience and understanding we are whole again.

I have a lot to look forward with my little family… And a lot to look forward in the spring with this little business.

Stay tuned…I have some pics to share…

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The little imagination a brewing! https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/1/The-little-imagination-a-brewing I have two little projects in the works..a great way to lead into the new year…

One for the child’s imagination.

One for the Art Deco Art Nevoue of the 1920s.

What I hope to accomplish is a great year filled with imagination, smiles and creativity.

A little glimpse into my imagination:

I want to create from your imagination.

I AM I stands for you

you are you

and you are I AM I

For I AM I and no other.

With the kids project, not strictly  I want to create a true little world and tell a story through pictures.  I took a little survey.  My first one, on Facebook and a small e-mail list.  I put a survey out asking what world would their imagination choose to travel to ; 1 Never-land  2 Under the Sea, 3 Dr Seuss land; Neverland and Under the Sea won.  They both won, I think that is the best way to end a survey fueled by Imagination.

As a side note: My vision of this little project is inspired by the imagination of these stories, not by the actual movies that come to mind.

Since there was a tie, my mind wonders to accommodate both, our little big project.

The 1920s


beaded dresses

head pieces





vintage photos….

I want to, in my own way, recreate the 1920s, with pictures and a little vision from the 2010s…

As these projects are on their way, I have a goal, and that is to create from Imagination, where anything is possible.

I will take my time and I will learn from every step of the way.

I have begun sketching and pricing props, should I make or buy, is where I am now…Taking one step at a time!

(I AM I Designs & Photography) art create kid stories photography photoshop https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/1/The-little-imagination-a-brewing Wed, 09 Jan 2013 21:14:48 GMT
Magic in RI! https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/1/Magic-in-RI Photo by I AM I Designs.All Rights Reserved.

Photo by I AM I Designs.
All Rights Reserved.

I have been meaning to write for a while.  I have started, and never finished, and in my spaciness  lost what I was writing.  The day finally came.  We planned on two days knowing that we would get snowed in on at least one of them.  It’s the best way to end the year, it was the best most inspiring moment this year.  My goal is to learn patience, as an aspiring, and practicing, artist and photographer, I need a little more, patience.

Magic in Rhode Island!

It finally happened.

The day finally came.

We were able to make it.  We reserved two days, in case winter happened.  On the second day it happened   It was a perfectly magical way to end the year.

I learned patience, I know to know when the time is right anything could happen.  Remember that by focusing on a perfectly magical day and planning it, does not guarantee magic.

My goal is to learn patience, as an aspiring, and practicing, artist and photographer, I need a little more patience.

Simply setting the stage and patiently waiting to see what happens, might be the only way….

Picture by I AM I Designs.All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs.
All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs.All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs.
All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs.All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs.
All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs. All Rights Reserved. Picture by I AM I Designs.
All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs.All Rights Reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs.
All Rights Reserved.



This is a little more practice, with light, lighting effect, Photoshop…just a little practice!!!!!

(I AM I Designs & Photography) Photography art creativity effects fairy graphics kid stories light lighting lighting effect magic photography photoshop practice wings https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2013/1/Magic-in-RI Tue, 01 Jan 2013 20:47:50 GMT
To Sparkle! https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2012/12/To-Sparkle I am trying to take a break. Trying to clear my head and spend some quiet time. Trying to silence my brain and get a clear look at the days ahead. A new year is beginning, all that I am working toward, is a goal to have some good work for a portfolio. After I am satisfied with what I my plan, and goal, is to exhibit.

To exhibit:

Art exhibitions are traditionally the space in which art objects (in the most general sense) meet an audience. (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)

Just the thought of this overwhelms me at this time, but I know that I can do it. It’s been a long time, and I really don’t want to use any of my old work. To start a new.

Why starting again with a portfolio?

I am most differently not the same person I was when the art revolution began in my head. Therefore the projects and adventures that I embark on now are not at all what they were.

“When it comes to art, in any form, the possibilities are endless” I AM I Designs

The time that I have taken has slowed me down.
I look around more and see more.

I AM beginning to understand light.

(I have been playing and dancing more.)

I found the need to perfect the art.

The art:

Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; (primarily) Visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)

Began Collecting;

To Sparkle:

To play with the lens!

To play with the light!

By learning patience!

To Sparkle!

Pictures by I AM I Designs all rights reserved

Pictures by I AM I Designs all rights reserved

Picture by I AM I Designs all rights reserved

Picture by I AM I Designs all rights reserved

Picture by I AM I Designs all rights reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs all rights reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs all rights reserved.

Picture by I AM I Designs all rights reserved.

A few impromptu pictures, simply playing with light, focus, patience (for the right light), and a little easy and fun uncomplicated editing… Just for fun!

(I AM I Designs & Photography) Flash create exhibit graphics imagination light photography photoshop https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2012/12/To-Sparkle Sun, 23 Dec 2012 13:32:45 GMT
Time! https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2012/12/Time Bubbas house.

Taking some much needed quiet time;

Some time to move in slow motion.

Some time to look around a little more.

Some time to built more tall towers,

Some time to read more books,

Some time to color outside the lines,

Some time to dance.

To all the families out there in these times:

I hope that the time of peace finds you

I hope the time of love finds you

I hope the time of laughter finds you

I pray that in time, hope and clarity find you!

(I AM I Designs & Photography) clarity family hope life light love peace https://iamidesignsphotography.com/blog/2012/12/Time Mon, 17 Dec 2012 21:28:55 GMT